Immunrise Collagen Beauty


Immunrise Collagen Beauty

  • Clinically researched marine collagen peptides

  • Astaxanthin

  • New Zealand Antioxidants

  • Hyaluronic acid

Immunrise Collagen Beauty is an advanced formula with very carefully selected blend of ingredients for their optimal effects on the skin beauty. This product provides beauty from within.

This unique formulation contains marine collagen peptides, a unique complex that supports collagen production, sustains skin elasticity and firmness, along with hyaluronic acid which provides skin nourishment and moisture for smooth supple skin.

It’s also specially formulated with astaxanthin, which supports cellular repair in all layers of the skin to neutralize free radicals both inside and out to prevent premature skin aging.

Immunrise Collagen Beauty also contains Vinanza Skin Performance Plus, which is a New Zealand kiwifruit skin and grape seed extract, along with Enzogenol; a New Zealand pine bark extract. The combination of these provides strong natural antioxidant compounds that help to protect your skin against ageing free radicals.

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