• Feeding Your 0-3 month old

    01/08 2014
    During your baby's first 3 months, breast milk or formula will provide all the nutrition needed.But as your infant develops physically and mentally, the feeding process will evolve. In general, babies move toward consum...  More…
  • Eating and Drinking in Labor

    06/04 2014
    The day is finally here! After fussing over what you eat, censoring menus, and doing without some of your favorites for nine months (or more), you're finally free! Now you can eat whatever and whenever you please, right...  More…
  • Dietary Recommendations for Vegetarians

    03/09 2014
    Many health care professionals have serious concerns when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy.The fact that you chose a vegetarian or vegan diet, however, should not affect your ability to have a healthy pregnancy.  More…
  • How to Change Your Diet to Prepare for Pregnancy

    04/27 2014
    Eating well is a good way to prepare the body for pregnancy. The body changes so much during pregnancy and many important developments take place in the first month of pregnancy. By having a healthy diet that is rich in...  More…
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