• Immunrise Seaweed CalciDrink Launched

    05/08 2014
    Support your kids daily calcium intake with the world’s best pure plant based calcium extracted from sea algae in Icelandic coast, another breakthrough calcium product from Immunrise.
    Immunrise Seaweed CalciDrink i...  More…
  • Immunrise Multi Vita Drink Launched

    05/08 2014
    Support your kid’s daily multivitamin intake with Immunrise Multi Vita Drink specially formulated to support the nutritional needs of your children.
    It contains many essential multivitamins and minerals for kids g...  More…
  • Immunrise Cod Liver Oil Coming Soon

    06/10 2014
    Provide your kids with rich source of omega 3, DHA and Vitamin A & D with Immurnise Cod Liver Oil to support their growth and development.
    Immunrise 100% Cod Liver Oil is sourced from fresh livers of cod fi...  More…
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