• What You Need To Know?

    10/22 2014
    Your child's nutrition is important to his overall health. Proper nutrition, which should include eating three meals a day and two nutritious snacks, limiting high sugar and high fat foods, eating fruits, vegetables, le...  More…
  • Back-to-School Nutrition

    07/10 2014
    Often, summer break is when a child's healthy eating plan takes a vacation. So, as summer ends and the school year nears, take time to refocus your efforts as a family to ensure your children’s nutrition and physical a...  More…
  • Power Up with Breakfast

    04/30 2014
    Breakfast gives you energy to start the day. A healthy breakfast is important for everyone. Get the morning nutrition you need with these quick breakfast ideas.  More…
  • What's a healthy breakfast for a picky 6-year-old?

    06/15 2014
    This is a great question, as skipping breakfast has been linked to childhood obesity, diminished health and nutrition status and compromised school performance. Breakfast quality is just as important as consuming breakf...  More…
  • Healthy Foods for a 13-Year-Old Athlete

    04/25 2014
    Eating unhealthy foods can negatively impact sports performance.
    Your teen athlete needs sufficient calories to fuel his body, but those calories should come from highly nutritious foods that also supply the vitamin...  More…
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